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Internet Retailers Design Conference 2012 – Web Design & Usability


Featured Speakers


Paul Miller,
Conference Keynote Speaker
Vice President, U.S. E-Commerce,
W.W. Grainger Inc.

Keynote Speaker CEO,

Halley Silver
Director of Online Services,
Michael Blum 
E-Commerce Channel Manager, Retail,
Herman Miller

Matt HoenckI.T. Director,

Thymes [/fivecol_one_last]

IRWD 2012 Conference Overview

Designing Web Sites That Stand Out From the Crowd

Web site design is much more crucial to success than just a few years ago. The reasons are many: E-commerce is a crowded field as many competitors invest in the future of retailing. The rapid rise of social media is raising the stakes by placing a premium on customer satisfaction. Sophisticated consumers are not easily wowed—they seek substance and a high degree of responsiveness when they shop a site. Many web retailers are offering the same or similar products, meaning a web site must quickly convert a shopper to a buy—before the shopper clicks away.

The Internet Retailer Web Design and Usability Conference will focus on creating stand-out sites that enable e-retailers to attract and retain customers, generate sales and please today’s more demanding consumer. Our agenda includes: how simple steps can give a quick boost to conversion rates, how to balance standard design practices with customer-pleasing innovation, how to develop a content strategy that showcases your products at the right time in the best light, how to be ready for the mobile revolution, how to create videos that turn shoppers into buyers, how to balance competing design demands between your marketing and technology teams, and more.

The conference will kick off with a full day workshop: Creating the complete customer experience: The elements that add up to a successful retail web site, that will crystallize every step that goes into a successful customer shopping experience and help retailers assess what they must have, what they should have and how to distill all the elements of a retail web site into a memorable shopping trip that will turn buyers into loyal customers.

Free Design Consultations

Recieve 2-Free Private Design Consultations

The Internet Retailer Web Design & Usability 2012 Conference is not only about the expert speakers, cutting-edge exhibits, and networking opportunities. Paid conference attendees* are also eligible for two free private design consultations from top-notch web design firms, which will review your e-retail site in advance and provide detailed pointers on how to improve your website. These two 30-minute consultations constitute a free registration bonus valued at an average of $500 each, so by registering in advance attendees can earn back their entire IRWD 2012 registration fees.

These consultations will not involve sales pitches by the consultants. The web design and usability firms conducting the consultations at Web Design & Usability 2012 were selected by Internet Retailer’s editors and have NOT paid Internet Retailer for the consultation assignment. They have also been instructed not to promote their firms’ design services during the sessions and to provide objective advice on web design and usability improvements that attendees can make to their own e-retail sites.

Take advantage of what many past conference attendees say justifies the price of IRWD registration many times over. Click on the Consultants tab to view the list of web design and usability companies providing consultations and their areas of expertise, and then sign up to schedule your company’s two 30-minute consultations today. The earlier you register to attend IRWD 2012, the sooner you can schedule your two professional design consultations, which ensures you will get the consultants and consulting session times you want.


Last year’s ratings speak for themselves. Fully 92% of respondents found their private consultations to be “Excellent” or “Very Good,” and 97% reported that they intended to implement what they’d learned. That’s quite a ringing endorsement of IRWD’s web consultation program, especially when you consider that these consultations are absolutely free.



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