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Getting More Traffic From Youtube

Youtube can be your best friend or your biggest time suck. There’s a fine line between getting the results from your video marketing effort and wasting your efforts.

Is it worth trying?

Yes absolutely. You could sustain an entire affiliate business just from video traffic. And why not when there are 3.5 billion video views happening everyday. Beyond that you can optimize your videos to rank well in Youtube as well as Google search.

So what makes the difference? Who wins at Youtube and why?

ranking in YoutubeRanking in Youtube and Google

The 3 biggest factors to helping your videos rank well within Youtube are:

Onpage Optimization – Similar to optimizing a traditional webpage. Optimize by placing your targeted keyword in the title, description, and tags. Try to get that target keyword close to the beginning of the title.

User Engagement – Leaving the comments close may save you some headaches but it won’t help your ranking in Youtube OR Google. Encourage comments, likes, and shares. These play a bigger role than most people realize.

Offsite Factors – Backlinks! Despite all of the Penguin nonsense going on these days backlinks still matter. Build high quality anchor text backlinks to your Youtube videos. Avoid the spammy automated link building and go for higher quality links.

Not that long ago Youtube released the “Youtube Creator Playbook.”

Believe it or not they revealed quite a bit about what you can do to help your videos rank better in their algorithm. It’s a must read if you’re into Youtube.

Here are a few gems the playbook revealed

Advanced Youtube Ranking Factors

  • Publishing content regularly will improve your rankings
  • More content equals more viewership which will improve your rankings
  • Metadata is critical (think on page optimization stuff)
  • Linking to other videos with annotations
  • Videos with video responses are also favored within the algorithm

So while we’re at it I’m going to link to a great video that summarizes this info really well. No affiliate with this video creator – just thought they did a good job.

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  1. I get my videos to rank but struggle to convert off of them and I noticed that when I change my LP they mess with my rankings.

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