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Lessons In Advertising From ObamaCare

You’ve most likely heard about Obamacare lately. After the launch of a dreadfully poor performing website, the system has gained a ton of controversial attention. Unintentionally the launch has been a huge lesson in website conversion, both for the Government and savvy marketers.

Just in case you’re unaware of the background info – The Government refuses to share the numbers. Many believe it’s because the conversion rate is terrible.

We’re not here to preach our political beliefs however. Today, we’re talking advertising.

Not too long ago a couple of liberal Colorado organizations launched a controversial ad campaign to combat the poor performing healthcare insurance marketplace signups. It’s all apart of their “Thanks Obamacare” initiative.

ProgressiveNow Colorado Education and the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative released eight in-house ads to continue their “Thanks Obamacare!” campaign, which pokes fun at conservative Obama bashers and encourages the uninsured to sign up for health benefits.

The ads have gained a ton of attention both negative and positive. The ad campaign is a play on the legendary “got milk” campaign. They’re being referred to as the “brosurance ads.” You can visit the campaign website here http://gotinsurancecolorado.org/

This is the ad that’s gotten most of the attention


On one hand it’s hard to argue that the ad is “bad” because it’s gone viral and gotten a lot of attention. On the other hand it’s not winning any creativity awards. Got milk has been rehashed over and over again with little to no reprise.

This time though – despite the lazy implementation – the ads hit big.

So, do you need fancy designs? No. Do your ads have to contain world class copy? No. Your ads won’t need any of that as long as they strike a chord – good or bad.

Here are a couple more examples from this controversial campaign





So what do you think of these ads?

Are they brilliant?  Or are they lazy?  Let us know in the comments below.

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