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How Do You Generate Leads With Marketing Automation? [Infographic]

As businesses become privy to even more of the consumer’s private information, and in turn the consumer has a multitude of options to purchase services and goods, today’s marketing strategies seem to becoming something that could require a Masters in Marketing degree to figure out.  (Or though it sometimes seems.)

The niches within internet marketing has grown over the years to include such specialties as SEO, Social Media, copywriting,  email marketing, mobile marketing, blogging and so on.   While each of these niches serves a smaller purposes they all work together to build the bottom line:  revenue.

And for many revenue comes from a steady abundant stream of leads.  Leads that will hopefully convert into sales.    Thus enters the big dog:  Marketing Automation software or in some circles also knows as Lead Generation software.

The infographic created by Technology Advice  highlights a few of the ways that a marketing automation program can help your company produce leads and boost revenue.










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