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Facebook Live Video Not Just For Celebrities Anymore

This summer Facebook introduced a live video streaming service, however it was limited to it’s Mentions app, which can be used by only celebrities and public figures.  Now, the social network is beginning to roll out the feather for us non-famous peeps.

They have started testing it on small markets of iPhone users in the US.  However, given the outstanding popularity of other live-streaming video apps such as Meerkat and Periscope, it seems like a sure thing that Facebook will inevitably bring the option to a wider audience soon.

Facebook users will be able to find the live-streaming videos right in their news feeds.  From there they can subscribe to individual users so that they can get future notifications the next time the broadcaster plans to go live.

Broadcasters will also be able to launch a live feed right from their status bar, and will be able to monitor the number of viewers and comments that are made in real time. And of course, once the broadcast has ended, the video will be automatically posted to their timeline so that it can be re-watched by others.

How do you see yourself using this new feature in either your personal life or business one?  

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