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HubSpot to Give One Lucky Person $100,000 to Start Their Own Business

If someone handed you a cool $100,000, what kind of business would you start? Before you scroll through and mumble something about not having time for dreams, sit tight and read on.

The marketing software company HubSpot wants to know your wildest start-up business idea.  They are asking prospective entrepreneurs to share their wildest business ideas  with them via 25 words on their Facebook page. 

“The data showed us that entrepreneurs that started their own businesses were happier,” said Ryan Bonnici, senior director of global marketing at HubSpot. “They attributed their success to money, tools, and mentorship. We wanted to pool those things together to help people re-envision the dreams they had as a kid.”

Bonnici’s team plans to narrow down the 25,000 or so expected entries to the top 1,000 best ideas. They then will have a panel of CEOs evaluate the proposals.  The panel of execs are said to include leaders from Netflix and Harvard Business School.

The prize doesn’t stop with just the 100 grand.  The winner will also have the opportunity to work closely with the panel of CEOs to figure out the best course of action for helping their business idea succeed.



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