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What is an eCommerce platform and how does it work?

In short, an eCommerce platform is a software app that helps companies online with their sales, web-site and operations.

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Why use an eCommerce platform?

You get a good opportunity to unify all your business processes, allowing the company to get a birds-eye-view of itself to become a better brand and more organized operation.

What makes a good platform?

  • All of the departments like accounting, marketing, merchandising, orders, and financial operations should be restored in one place like a cloud.
  • A 360 view from top to bottom in all directions. You should be able to see all interactions and transactions happening with your customers, no matter what channel or touch points were used.
  • Equipment to excite your customer. Meaning, all processes like orders, returns, and others should be centralized and have one view.
  • Improvement of customers experience for desktop, mobile, or an in person shop, to show you’re different from others in your industry.  Also, pay attention to clients needs.
  • Cart adaptation for websites depending on country, language, business model, etc.
  • Integration with social media. As I’m sure you already know, it’s very important to have a presence on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Is it expensive?

Sadly, there are no free of charge eCommerce platforms. Some say there are free open source platforms and technically, it’s true, but you’ll spend a fortune on development and hosting.

Good news is that the price varies and even start-ups can afford it to make their project more productive.

Being competitive is not enough in today’s industry.  Having a solid eCommerce platform is extremely important when it comes to the user experience and managing your business online.  It will also give you a huge advantage to your competition who have not implemented such an update yet.

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