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New Facebook Premium Ads

It appears that Facebook premium ads are going to be undergoing some enhancements and changes today that they announce as “upgrades”.  I’m inclined to agree with this according to some leaked documents (embedded below).

Facebook premium ads will now offer 6 different ad formats to allow you to “reach more people in more engaging ways”.  Premium ads are created from facebook page posts, thus you will make a page post and then choose one of the 6 formats that best suit your needs.  The ad types are:  photo, video, question, status, event, and link.

According to facebook the improved performance of these premium ads comes from:

  • Larger ad format with more points of engagement for users
  • Enhanced, more prominent placement of social context (friends)
  • 40% increase in engagement
  • 80% more likely to be remembered
  • 16% increase in fan rate
  • Significant increase in purchase intent

Those are some pretty bold claims which all appear to be great for any advertisers utilizing premium ads.  Jump on these new ad formats right away before ad/banner blindness kicks in and you should see significantly higher ROI!

Here are the leaked documents which break everything down…



5 thoughts on “New Facebook Premium Ads

  1. While ad banner blindness will inevitably be an issue, banner style ads still work. The option to have a larger display format in general should help increase ad performance. But at the end of the day FB ad performance will continue to come down to, to a large degree, targeting the right demographic + ad specs. Good job breaking the news though.

  2. Really fantastic job Luke,the New Facebook Premium Ads will be a great enhancement…keep up the good work.

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