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You Could Double Your Site’s Traffic With These Tips

How much more money would you make with double the traffic you have now?

Recenlty I watched a really mind blowing video presented by Cecilia Sardeo. She talked about some very serious traffic strategies. There’s no fluff, just highly valuable content.

Below you can see the entire presentation in it’s entirety.

First though, I want to bring attention to something. The beautiful and talented Cecilia takes a few minutes in the beginning of the video to express a specific point.

Know your strength…

That may seem a little philosophical so I’ll put it into marketing jargon for you – Know your lifetime customer value.

LCV is a metric IM’ers and especially affiliates overlook. It’s a metric that all the pro’s use. If you know this metric you know exactly how much you can spend on traffic. LCV is the profit your customer produces over the lifetime you are in touch with them.

In affiliate terms that could mean how much you’re paid per sale if you’re sending traffic direct to the merchant. Or it could mean how much you’re paid per sale AND how many sales you make per lead (for list builders). Obviously list builders are going to make a ton more money in the long term. This allows them to spend more to get a lead. When they spend more they out bid you. When they out bid you they get more traffic (usually).

This is a point that was sort of awkwardly conveyed, albeit oh-so-cute. But in truth it’s probably the most important lesson an active affiliate could learn.

Enjoy the video

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