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5 Affiliate Goals You can Achieve Before Summers Over

Goals – we all need them in our everyday life, both work and personal.   They push us to propel ourselves forward to achieve what is most important to us.   The significance in setting goals is no different in the world of affiliate marketing.

Many would argue that setting small more attainable goals along the way is a better way to get you closer to your long term objectives.  Goals such as turning your marketing business from a part -time venture into a full-time “quit your day job gig.”   This goal, like many others that look just out of reach can be met, however it will take some determination and hard work.

With the 2014 Summer Season almost over, MaxBounty has laid out a few tips to help you make the most out of  your remaining summer.   They are geared towards amping up your determination and productivity levels so that you might be able to cross everyday minor objectives from your list easily.



1. Find Success in Something New:

Even if you’re currently finding success doing something specific, it doesn’t hurt to go out of your comfort zone and try something different on the side. Many top affiliates would have never gotten to where they are without doing this. Whether it’s trying a new traffic source, or focusing on an unfamiliar niche, take a chance with something you’re not use to. You could be surprised where It may take you.

2.) Have Your Best Single Day Earnings:

A lofty goal no doubt, but one that is very much possible within a month and a half time frame. If you’ve recently had your best single day earnings then there’s no better time to continue to push increase those numbers even more by consistently working on your campaigns with your AM. Scale what you’re finding success with and find ways to improve it.

3.) Increase Productivity/Output:

If you’re writing blog posts/articles for one or more websites, designing your own landing pages, or creating anything else to help you in your affiliate marketing initiatives, attempt to increase the number of these projects you’re completing. Ensuring that your quality doesn’t decrease as the quantity does is something to remember however.

4.) Strengthen your AM Relationship:

A good relationship with your AM, especially if you’re still somewhat new to affiliate marketing can assist you in going down the right path. Work with your affiliate manager as they will help you reach both short and long term goals by making sure you’re choosing the right strategies to execute.


5.) Broaden Your Network: Learning from other industry professionals is a huge part of affiliate marketing. Before the end of summer, attempt to reach out to others like you or ahead of you in CPA experience, or if you think you have enough, be a mentor to someone else. You never know when one of these people will provide some advice that can take your knowledge to the next level.

All five of these goals can realistically be achieved in the next month and a half. Push your affiliate marketing prowess to the limit and do just that.


Original content:  Maxbounty by Joe Ferguson on July 18, 2014


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