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So Your Mojo Just Up And Left the Building?

Remember the days when you seemed to have your whole life planned out for yourself, or at the very least the next 10 years or so? A great career, a man that would dote on you no matter what ugly t-shirt you wore, a couple of children that were perfect little angels. All of this packaged in a house surrounded by a cute little picket fence, a full time maid, and two furry kitties to keep you company. Whatever your dreams might have been.

The days that you always seemed to wake up on the right side of the bed, and that wasn’t because you moved your bed up against a wall. People took notice of you when you walked into a room. You had that little strut to the way you walked, that je ne sais quoi, that effervescence that marked you as someone that people wanted to know and befriend.

And then suddenly….whoosh…it’s gone! Or maybe it left with a certain life event. None the less it’s gone. You feel burned out, limp, listless, dead.

For those of you reading this that are still uncertain what Mojo is exactly, let me attempt to define it for you. No it’s not those favorite pair of black 4 inch pumps you love or a lucky rabbit’s foot. Mojo is something that lives inside us all, even if buried and lying dormant. You can’t touch it or dissect it. It just is. Some describe it as a self love, your inner soul, that glowing spirit that defines you.

When you lose your Mojo, you feel like you have lost yourself. You find that you don’t give a damn if you wake up at noon and schelp around the house all day in your PJ’s. You don’t even give it a second thought about going to the grocery store wearing an old ratty t-shirt and your hair looking like you are the lead in a local grunge rock band. You opt for the drive thru and order the family size fried chicken, squashing the promise you made to yourself a few months ago that you would start using the gym. There is always next month.

How do you know exactly that you have lost it?

  1. The invitation to go to the local Yogurt Land and gorge on frozen yogurt and toppings a plenty, only brings on a small anxiety attack because that might mean you have to actually get dressed!
  2. You are given a gift card to your favorite store, but nothing…not even the clearance items…peak your interest.
  3. Your clothing of choice is baggy shorts and t-shirts that you describe as “comfortably worn.”
  4. Your favorite hairstyle is your hair, all tangled and ratty, scraped up into a “not so cute” bun on the top of your head.
  5. You have hidden your bathroom scale …. outside in the community dumpster!

If you have answered yes to more than just a couple of the above, it’s now time to get off your tush (that might need to be labeled WIDE LOAD) and reclaim your Mojo!

  • Do things that make you laugh, even if you think it’s self indulgent.
  • Pick up that phone and admit to your friends and or family that you need their help.
  • Make a “date” with them. Spend the day shopping, movies, or even at your local hangout just trying to lighten your heavy mood of late.
  • Buy yourself some new duds….maybe even a trendy haircut/style.
  • Change your routine. Instead of going through the drive thru on the way home from work, hit the gym first. I bet you won’t want that fried chicken after!
  • Talk to one person everyday that makes you feel good. Try to avoid “Negative Nelly” you don’t need her/him bringing you even further down.
  • Do something out of the ordinary. Take a day trip to a neighboring city. Go to a museum or an art show.

Remember getting your Mojo back isn’t easy, it will take some effort on your part. To get those creative juices flowing, that spring back into your step you will need to see things in a different way, from a new perspective. Stand up right now and walk to your mirror and repeat these words “I am me. I am great. I am worth it. I deserve it all!”

How will you get your motivation back?


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