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How Much Affiliate Fraud was Apart of Record Cyber Monday?

Adobe revealed that U.S. consumers set new a new record on this passed Cyber Monday. This year’s shopping expenditures racked up a whopping $7.9 billion.  According to Business Insider, affiliate marketing represented 16% of those billions spent.  Chargebacks911, a leading dispute mitigation and loss prevention firm, warns that affiliate-driven profitability is sparking interest among both merchants and publishers alike, but the rise in benefits could put unwanted eyes on the prize. Criminals and other unwanted fraudulent activity could very well become an issue.

Monica Eaton-Cardone, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Chargebacks911 observes, “In the hands of ethical, high-performing content providers and honest merchants, affiliate marketing can be extremely profitable for both parties. There’s a reason affiliate marketing continues to grow at such a rapid pace—and that’s because it works. However, that profit potential has also attracted scammers looking to game the system for personal gain, and they can decimate revenues if retailers aren’t careful.”Eaton-Cardone continues estimating that 2% of performance-driven transactions are likely cases of affiliate fraud. While the numbers suggest that the majority of affiliate marketers are actually legitimate and honest, the fraud related losses could likely add up quickly.


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