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LinkedIn: Marketing Madness Bracket [Infographic]

Great News – LinkedIn has launched its annual (this is the company’s first year to publish), Marketing Madness: Buzzword Beaters’ bracket. To get into the NCAA March Madness spirit, the social media company created a bracket that pits the most overused buzzwords against each other for a fight for the ultimate keyword supremacy.

They are all here, from ‘guru’ to ‘big data’. All the gloriously overused terms that you hear or read every single day.  My personal favorite (which I just used in a headline here on Scoop) is the well out exhausted itself maybe a good two or three years back. All of the buzzwords that made the list have been so overused their meanings themselves have begun to grow devoid of both substance and impact.  

The primary difference between LinkedIn’s bracket and one of those from the NCAA is that coming out on top in this particular bracket should not be the end goal.  In LinkedIn’s full post on the match-ups, they go through each buzzword battle in order to come out with a winner.


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