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How To Create Content When You’re Clueless

Let’s face it, creating content can be a serious hassle. Coming up with topics, ideas, and concepts to write about on a daily or even monthly basis isn’t an easy task. Today though we’ve got a little something to help you get over the content blues.

This excellent infographic is brought to you by copyblogger. It was originally a blog post called 21 Ways to create compelling content  that they turned into this infographic. Hint** that’s a great way to come up with new content – Recycle.

Check it out. One my personal favorites are #4, #11, #16!

7 thoughts on “How To Create Content When You’re Clueless

  1. Dustin, thanks for the tips…content creation can be a daunting task but so many times once I really get going, I can be afraid I have too many words on a page.
    And, thanks for the instruction videos you did for Offervault that are in the archives. I still refer back to the WordPress video and my notes…actually just this morning!

  2. What can eye say w0w Dustin thnx
    Like Spencer was saying simple reminders but so effective.
    Some the well done things you guys give out to help….
    blows me away. thnx (;oÞ~~

  3. I love the infographics! I’m a huge fan of those. Helps the info to stick, especially for visual learners like myself! Thanks for the great ideas.

  4. What a brilliant way to produce an informative article. Not only is the content great but the whole concept of the way this has been presented is an eye opener.

    Many Thanks

  5. Great, anybody should print that out and pin it on the wall, I will. Love no. 15, the comics, as I use that on my site already. Thanks a lot!

  6. I have been a fan of using trends in my posts and I am really getting the best traffic out of it. I just dont understand how it would bring about traffic at the outset but when I am seeing how great it was in my analytics, I began to appreciate what it can give.

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