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Volkswagon, Don Draper, And SEO

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It’s not often than you get to write a headline like that. Fortunately the folks over at Volkswagen employ some incredibly creative online marketing experts.

So what’s up with the headline you ask?

Not too long ago Volkswagen pulled off some stunning SEO tricks. We’re talking epic marketing foresight made possible by some genius SEO. Here’s what they did.

1 – Acquired 5 separate top level domains
2 – Optimized 1 image per site for the phrase “Ultimate Business Car”
3 – Got each image to rank in the specific order they wanted.
4 – Achieved a banner ad at the top of image search (made up of 5 separate images) for their vehicle Passat.

Here’s the campaign video showing off their work

While the SEO trick they used for this campaign is clever – the real trick was the viral snowball it created. Volkswagen has been on the tip of SEO’s and business folks tongues alike. It’s a viral hit. And guess what else – those folks fit very nicely into their target demographic for that particular car.

It’d be silly to think that wasn’t the goal all along. That’s marketing at the highest level. That’s some seriously Don Draper-like stuff.

Volkswagen isn’t done by any stretch. A recent Youtube campaign has been released. It too is receiving the viral treatment. It utilizes Youtube’s built in controls to connect with the viewer in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Check it out here


These are two examples of how we as affiliates can think bigger. There’s so much swiping and ripping of ideas in our industry. It’s the creativity and brainstorming behind campaigns like these two that make marketing fun.

Give it a shot sometime. Get creative and test it out. Who knows, it may be a viral hit.

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