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Get Over It And Kick Ass

You hear it all the time. 99% of the folks that get into affiliate marketing fail. They get beat up, pushed around, abused, and financially taken to task. You’ll also hear a lot of theories as to why that happens and an offer of “secrets” to solve the problem (for $47).

The truth is that there is no one good reason why this happens.

One thing I can tell you from my experience coaching and teaching since 2007 is that most struggle internally. It’s typically not a story of “I tried my best and I failed.” That happens too but it’s much more rare.

No the typical story goes more like this… “I tried for a little while but I didn’t get anywhere.”

What that really means is that they built a half assed site and got no traffic. Or they ran some traffic and saw no conversions.

There’s an epidemic of the lack of perseverance in our industry.

The other day I was reading a post from Finch called Me, Myself, and Affiliate Marketing. It’s a well written introspective piece.  Go read it.  It’s relevant to our conversation here.

There was a quote from a book that really caught my attention. Here’s what it said

Imagine that you are 100 years old and on your death bed with one minute left to live. Your great-great-grandchild asks, “Before you die, tell me, what should I do with my life?”

Pause for a moment now and try to honestly answer the question immediately within the next minute. You have just one minute, start now and then when the time is up and you have worked out what you would say to them, continue below.

Many people will answer with statements such as, ‘it doesn’t matter what you do’, ‘be happy’, ‘don’t worry’, and ‘make the most of it’.
Whatever your advice was to your great-great-grandchild is really the advice to yourself. If you are not living by this advice, which is the essence of your existence, you are living a lie.

Thought provoking isn’t it?  It comes from the book called “The Chimp Paradox

I haven’t read it yet. But I’m pre ordering it tonight. That quote and the description speaks to what I believe is the most overlooked aspect in affiliate marketing. The mental game. The internal struggle that so many people go through when attempting to “make it” in this line of work.

In order to succeed in this business and every other is to get over yourself.  You have to remove your fears, your doubts, your personal excuses, and do the work.  You’ve got to get over it and you’ll be able to kick ass.

If you’ve ever felt like you sabotage your own work

If you’ve struggled to succeed in affiliate marketing no matter what you’ve tried…

Then this may be a book for you to check out. It comes out at the end of May. Hopefully it’ll help you get over you so you can start achieving everything you know you deserve.

3 thoughts on “Get Over It And Kick Ass

  1. Powerful stuff! When you flip that around and realize that it is really advice to you, that’s awesome. Good medicine for all of us ‘living a lie’. Exercise worth doing! Thanks for post – will be picking up that book.

  2. Yes once you able to take your business far then you have to take control of your thoughts.

  3. Hello Dustin,
    You are absolutely correct.
    But I simply cannot seem to get a hook on this affiliate marketing and make money business.So may be you can show me simple steps to get started.

    Above is a site to try and not “live a lie”

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