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Make More Money With Storytelling

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The best salesmen, the best affiliates, and the best marketers in the world are storytellers. Whether it’s through a presell page, a video sales letter, or a magazine ad – stories sell. Some people call it copywriting. And to a certain extent that’s exactly what it is. But storytelling isn’t all about the copy. Sometimes, it’s literally just about…the story.

Engaging your audience with a compelling story can be just as powerful as any “hypnotic” copy. Most of the time it’s more engaging because a good story connects with your audience on a personal level.

Below you’re going to find a storytelling infographic. Use these to up your story telling game and start banking more affiliate commissions.

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storytelling infographic

3 thoughts on “Make More Money With Storytelling

  1. It’s seems as Info-graphics are great way to get people to read your content. I have not created one as yet but I’m going to get started on creating some stories using graphics!

    I guess the article or info-graphics speaks for itself… It works!

  2. Great point KJ – glad to see an affiliate pro chime in on this. I think it’s a skill most affiliates ignore cultivating.

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