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The Latest B2B Content Marketing Trends

You might be surprised how many affiliates are also product and service business owners as well. It’s sort of the curse of the entrepreneur – we have great business ideas. Settling for just one source of income like affiliate marketing isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just the less common thing.

Because of our superior web advertising skills we often find ourselves in B2B service businesses, myself included. And when you’re in B2B based services content marketing is everywhere. It’s practically a requirement if you want to do business with anyone.

The benefits of content marketing are too numerous to list. But at a glance you’ll see that it’s uber beneficial for things like SEO, driving traffic, lead generation, link building, networking, credibility booster, brand building, etc.

Recently Content Marketing Institute, Marketing Profs, and Brightcove released a benchmark study on B2B content marketing. They quantified and qualified the latest trends. It’s valuable information and good information always is.

Review the infographic below. How well does your company do content marketing compared to the trends?

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