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Another Reason Your Commission Checks Suck

I’m not typically the kind of guy that sits around judging people. And that’s not what this post is about. This post is about connecting with you, the hopeful affiliate. It was designed to strike a chord, ring a bell, or otherwise reach that tiny voice inside your head that holds you back.

Please understand that by posting this I am in no way making fun of, judging, or bashing anyone. I simply felt that by sharing the material below I might actually help someone. Also understand that this is just one man’s opinion.

Ok with that disclaimer said – here goes…

Recently while replying to OVAllstars members in the forum I was private messaged. The OVA member that messaged me wanted to know “Which is the best article spinner and poster.”

=====My Reply=====

Please take this advice to heart. This is coming from someone that lived off of SEO traffic for years.

SEO is not dead but it’s not an ideal form of traffic to create a full time affiliate income. It’s slow, it’s unreliable, and it’s a bad business model.

So in light of that I can’t recommend ANY spinner or poster.

Besides all of that article spinning and article marketing in general has been hit hard by Google in recent years. It’s no longer a recommended link building tactic. It will be a waste of time and money.

Instead – I highly recommend you pick a paid traffic source and spend money to test. As you do this you’ll be going through the real world affiliate academy. You’ll learn more spending and losing money at this than you ever could with SEO at this point.

You’ll most likely lose money to start. Don’t think of this as “losing,” Think of this as buying data. You can control how much and how fast you spend advertising dollars. So losing “everything you’ve got” is not possible, so don’t be scared of that.

As you learn and collect data you’ll be able to make smart marketing decisions because you have REAL WORLD data leading the way. This will all make you a professional affiliate.

Finding offers, creating ads/landing pages, and split testing until you find a winner… that’s what this is all about.

I tried to be brutally honest while cordial and informative. The problem is that I didn’t tell him the whole story…

The real issue at hand here is not the fact that he wants to use SEO traffic, or that he was into article marketing. The issue is the “push button tool” mindset. It’s that mindset that “when I push this button over and over again money will appear in my bank account.”

I can’t say for sure that’s his problem. But it might be. And that mindset that “lottery” mindset of finding tricks that make you insane amounts of money is exactly why most affiliate commission checks suck.

My advice to him is the same as it is to you. Drop the “automated tools” and go build a campaign. In fact, do it without ANY tools that might otherwise help you build that campaign. By doing that you’ll learn what it truly means to be “in the trenches.” By doing that you’ll discover what it means to be an affiliate.

Only after you’ve built something that money cannot buy will you be wealthy. (Wish I knew who said that).

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