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[Infographic] Life of an SEO: Before, After & Beyond Penguin 2.1

If you were ever an SEO affiliate before the Panda & Penguin updates you’ll most likely relate to this infographic. Either you’ll reminisce about the good ol’days, or you’ll shed a tear over the hundreds of thousands of dollars wiped away. Personally, it’s a little bit of both for me.

Pre Panda and Penguin it was surprisingly easy to get rankings. Link building through brute force was the recipe for success in those days. 75% of the links you built used your target keyword as the anchor text, if not more. It was the wild west of Google rankings. They money was there for the taking.

Notice how liberally the past tense was used in those last few sentences…

Today is obviously a different landscape. SEO has evolved as it will continue to do for the foreseeable future. The infographic below gives you an idea of what that evolution has done to the common SEO practices.

While I don’t personally agree with all the depictions of the early days – It’s not too far from the truth. The depiction of today’s practices are very accurate however. Hopefully you’ll find this infographic both entertaining and a little bit educational.

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Infographic thanks to
Dot Com Infoway – Professional Search Engine Optimization Company

One thought on “[Infographic] Life of an SEO: Before, After & Beyond Penguin 2.1

  1. Great infographic..

    I love the content marketing part creating ‘built link wheels’ to get better rankings is a great way to get lots of target traffic to your sites.

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