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7 Things We’ve Bookmarked Lately

Sharing is caring, right? At Offervault, we come across so many different resources and websites. It’s a daily occurrence that something truly awesome shows up in our inbox. So it only make sense that we share some of that awesomeness with you.

You’ll find amazing affiliate related news, industry stories, resources to use, and company websites we like in the list below. Bookmark ‘em all – or just the ones that help you the most. It’s up to you.

1. Custom Ikea Desk A Reality  – Ian Fernando shows you how he used Ikea products to create a standing desk. These should be required for anyone using the computer more than a couple hours a day.

2. How To Make Money On Thanksgiving & Black Friday – K.J. Rocker wrote up a nice little strategy piece on how you can make money with the holiday season as an affiliate.

3. Mike Tyson Returns Evander Holyfield’s Ear In Foot Locker Ad  – To be a great advertiser you’ve got to see a ton of great ads. This is an amazing ad with viral written all over it.

4. The Local-Mobile Equation Is Being Completely Revolutionized By New Services and Tactics –  Local-Mobile marketing is evolving. Get a free recap of BI’s findings after studying what’s going on today with this advertising channel.

5. How To Segment Your Mobile Affiliate Campaign Objectives  – Ruck breaks it down. This is golden advice from a mobile affiliate master.

6. Update Where Is The Cheapest Traffic On POF  – The title says it all on this one. Another great tip from the POF blog.

7. 10 Social Media Blunders Even The Big Brands Make – Hubspot lays down some social media wisdom. We’ve been guilty of one or two of these in the past.

That’s it this time around folks. Hope you find these stories and resources helpful.

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