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Find Out Exactly Why Your Visitors Are Not Buying

Affiliates are a tough sort. They have to act fast and hard to make the ROI necessary to support a business that has no product and no real customers. Every step an affiliate takes has to have maximum impact on the ROI of their efforts to make it truly work.

For the reasons stated above it makes all the sense in the world to be the type of affiliate that builds an email list. In a business that has so few assets a list can truly be the difference between make or break.

When you’ve got a list you’ve got power – we all know that by now. Or at least you should. You’ve got the power to drive traffic, to drive sales, and to build relationships (most importantly if you want the other aspects to work out well).

Sometimes that power doesn’t manifest into sales quite the way you’d expect. You may have done your research, targeted your traffic meticulously, written a beautiful presell page, and even tested multiple similar offers – but it things just won’t convert.

That’s a frustrating place to be. And it happens more than you’d like to think it does.

So what do you do from here? Give up? Thow it all away? Nah. It’s time to start asking questions.

The guys over at Conversion Rate Experts.com put on a webinar called “Golden Questions That Reveal Exactly Why Your Visitors Aren’t Converting.” In it they cover their tested and true methods for doing just that. They reveal it all.

You can get a feeling for the exact principles and questions they ask their leads in the slide show below. The golden principles start on slide 10

Pretty good stuff. To get the whole experience check out the video of the webinar here.

Here’s to asking questions and more importantly doing something with the answers to increase your ROI!

Have you ever tried surveying your email leads to help improve your conversion? Let us know in the comments below.

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