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How To Build A Landing Page Backwards

Ah landing pages. Often the bane of so many affiliates’ existence. But for the affiliates who get them – they’re an indispensable tool for building a business.

For such a powerful tool you’d think all affiliates would be using them. They aren’t. The excuses go on and on when it comes to landers. It’s shocking. So today we’re going to bust down some walls and inspire some affs just on the edge. We’re going to kick butts and make some landing page converts.

Here’s the deal. Unbounce.com is one of the premier landing page creation and testing tools on the market. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time you’ve heard us talk it up. It’s all for good reason – it’s pretty darn awesome. You can even use it for free. And no – we’re not going to plug an affiliate link. It’s just that good.

Back to the point. The team at unbounce does more than just provide a great tool. They’ve gotten pretty good at publishing super valuable content too. This time they’ve done a webinar that:

  • Showed you how to build a landing page by starting at the end
  • Taught you elements of any landing page
  • Tore apart Critiqued live landing pages from your fellow marketers

Here are the slides from that webinar

If you’d like to see the webinar in all it’s audio glory go here.  No optin required. Just solid content. I’m not saying they won’t pitch something at some point, but it’s all tasteful and great content.

So there you go. You’ve now got even less excuses for not creating killer landing pages. If you’re already using them hopefully you picked up a golden nugget or 3 to improve your process.

What are your biggest landing page hurdles? Let us know in the comments below

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