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[Infographic] 1 Simple Button To Make More Money

Nope it’s not the Staples “Easy” button.  That’s not the kind of button we’re talking about here today.  Instead we’re going to take a look at the single most important button for creating online sales.  The button we’re going to analyze today is the “add to cart” button.  There’s most likely no other button on the planet responsible for so many revenue dollars.

Some very intelligent people did some heavy research and brought back the numbers for us.  They analyzed nearly all aspects of the add to cart button across 50 of the biggest ecommerce sites.  We’re going to use their hard work and improve our buttons to make more money online.  Don’t let the ecommerce label turn you off.  An add to cart button is THE button everyone uses to create sales online.  Yes even affiliates use the add to cart button.

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Infographic brought to us by Volusion

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  1. At first blush, one would infer that after focusing on content, layout, design, etc., the “Add to Cart” button plays an irrelevant part in the buying process. I am grateful for enlightening me on it’s importance.

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