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Fresh News Affiliates Can Use

Everyday, valuable Internet Marketing news is published at every corner of the web. It’s endless. There is a surprising amount of it that’s valuable to affiliates like you and I too. That’s why occasionally I like to write posts like this. This post that recaps some of the best of the best that I come across.

Not for nothing, but we’ll start this affiliate news recap with a little tool recommendation. That tools is called Flipboard. It’s a free “news and magazine” app for both Android and iOS. This is one of the best apps ever created.

You can view stories from news sources, magazine sources, and blogs. It’s delivered by topic – News, Technology, Design, Business, Sports, etc. It allows you to literally “flip” through headlines quickly. Because there are so many sources and topics you become the newsmaster with ease. If you’re at all into content curation this should be your favorite app too.

Although they don’t have an “affiliate” category you’d be surprised how much affiliate related news comes up in the technology and business categories. Stay on top of news and trends like a pro with flipboard.

Anyhow – Below are a few stories that I came across recently that I found particularly important for Internet Marketing types and affiliates.

Social Media

#1 – Facebook May Start Tracking Your Cursor As You Browse The Site

In what may be an effort to improve newsfeed layout and ad placement, Facebook may begin tracking your cursor movement. How long did you hover over an ad? What’s visible and what’s not?

It’s a logical next step in behavior monitoring. They’ve been doing it for years by tracking your likes, comments, and activity across the network. This type of data may help them speed up the evolution of their system.

If it’s good enough for Facebook, it’s good enough for affiliates. If you own a site that gets consistent traffic levels this type of user data would be a gold mine. It tells you how they see and use your site. So you could A/B test a new layout while tracking and glean some pretty awesome data for improvement

Tools to help track this stuff – Check out http://www.crazyegg.com and http://www.clicktale.com They track differently but both offer valuable user information.

Mobile Marketing

#1 – Mixpanel Expands Into Mobile Surveys

A new product from Mixpanel allows developers to integrate surveys directly into their apps! Mixpanel has created a good looking survey interface that’s customizable and fairly simple to implement.

Surveys have long been a valuable marketing tool. This is the perfect way to get to know your customers and deliver to them EXACTLY what they’re looking for. And now you can do it on mobile.

Information = power. This kind of power makes an affiliate a super affiliate.

Here’s a snapshot of what Mixpanel’s surveys look like:


Traffic, Testing & Tracking

#1 – Tracking 202 Updates the Universal Smart Pixel

Tracking202 just got a little bit better. You can now use tokens in your 3rd party pixel and postback urls in step #1 of the setup process. They work just like the tokens you’ve been able to use in your affiliate links in step #3 when setting up your Campaigns.

#2 – SiteScout Acquired By Centro

It’s a big day for the Sitescout team. They’re now a bigger family due to the acquisition by Centro. So what’s the big deal? Well… in the short term it isn’t a big deal. It’ll be business as usual for the time being. But in the long term – Centro will bring significant size, strength, and most importantly a broader product.

Centro’s vision looks like this:

“provide the industry with a unified platform to buy media across all guaranteed and biddable inventory, on all channels.”

Think more impressions available, more strategic data partnerships, and more channels to advertise on by using SiteScout. This may be the first step to the one stop shop of media buying.

#3 – Your Landing Page Questions Answered

The Conversion Scientist did a webinar with the Unbounce.com team on everything landing pages. They posted it at the link above. This page is an absolute treasure chest so full it can’t be closed shut.

These guys actually took the time to answer questions on the blog that they didn’t have time to answer over the webinar. You’ll find top tier advice on lander subjects like

  • Social media icons on landers
  • Generating Calls
  • Lander Length
  • Mobile Landers
  • Video on Landers
  • And More!


So that’s it for this weeks round of news stories. How did you like this format? Would you like to see more posts like this in the future? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. News about electronics and other new products that are introduced dovetail with my use of “Trends”. Seems like people like to know what others are reading about. So it makes sense that by tying affiliate products to the information sources you supply in this article makes it relavant and very valuable. Hope more of your readers take advantage of the information supplied in this article. I am sure they will increase their income accordingly.

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