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Your Favorite Posts From 2012

One thing we know about life is that it’s a great teacher. With every new year comes new beginnings, endings, and stories in between. 2012 was no exception. We had a big year in Internet Marketing. We witnessed beginnings and endings. From the end of SEO as we’ve known it to the rise of the new social network Pinterest. The Internet marketing landscape has changed significantly.

2013 is here and changes are on their way.

But before we get too far down the road let’s take a minute to review the topics and content you, the reader, found most interesting in 2012. The following 12 posts were the most read during the last year.

#1 – Best WordPress Plugins For 2012

WordPress is always a hot topic in IM. It’s such a versatile tool there’s a lot to learn. This post walks through the essential plugins your WP install should include.

#2 $21,000 This Week…from Scratch. Here’s How

This is a killer case study on how to setup affiliate campaigns to take advantage of tax season. You’ll find a step by step list of things to do to get this thing rolling.

#3 980k in 18 Months – The Entire Business Model is Yours

The video featured in this post shows you exactly how Vishen Lakhiani built a blog, served his niche, and created a business that generated $980,000 in 18 months. It’s a comprehensive look at his entire strategy.

#4 Spammers Are Killing It on Pintrest

In this post I break down exactly how savvy spammers are raking in the easy (unethical) cash from Pinterest. I’m willing to bet the same guys that were doing this then are not as successful with it today.

#5 How To Honestly Use Pinterest To Promote Your Site

You guys love Pinterest content! This is a helpful post for using Pinterest ethically to generate more traffic to your site.

#6 POF -Case Study: The Impact Of Images In Online Ads

This is a great case study on images. The images you use in your advertising have a huge impact on the success of the ad.

#7 Google Wants You to Delete Your Spammy Links ASAP!

This is post was written right at the beginning of the downfall of link farms. It had a huge impact on webmasters and is no surprise it makes our top 12 of 2012’s most interesting topics.

#8 Taking Advantage of the Pinterest Buzz

One of our very first Pinterest posts! This was written at a time when not many people knew what Pinterest was or how to use it.

#9 8 Landing Page Tips and Tricks

This is a compilation post of some of the absolute best tips and tricks around. If you’re looking for landing page inspiration you’ll find it here.

#10 Recovering From Panda & Penguin

The title speaks for itself. We delve into the seedy world of SEO recovery. You’ll find specific steps to take in order to try and regain Google’s trust.

#11 The Traffic Source Affiliates Aren’t Using Yet

What a tantalizing title, eh? This was an introductory post on the subject of RTB traffic. You’ll find a great definition as well as resources on the topic here.

#12 3 Tools That Will Make You More Money
Last but certainly not least is our 12th most read post of 2012. This post shares 3 different tools to help affiliates test more effectively.

So that’s the roundup. Hopefully you enjoyed 2012 as much as we did. From the OfferVault family to yours – Happy New Year and may your year be profitable!

Was your favorite post listed above? If not, which post helped you the most?

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