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3 Tools That WILL Make You More Money

Make more money with the traffic you have. That’s the mantra behind testing. It’s a simple concept that isn’t always so simple to implement.

First let’s define a few terms when it comes to testing.

A/B Split Testing

This is one of the most simple forms of testing you can do. This consists of creating 2 pages (landing pages, product pages, sales pages, etc) and sending an equal amount of traffic to each. One visitor sees page A and one visitor sees page B.

Multivariate Testing

This is a more advanced version of testing. This method lets you test multiple changes simultaneously. In general this form of testing let’s you test at a much faster rate, getting you to profitable data and higher revenue faster.

There are several tools on the market today to help you out with each of these. Here are a few of my favorites.

#1 – http://visualwebsiteoptimizer.com/ – This is a killer tool for the money. You can accomplish A/B split tests, multivariate tests, and even heatmap testing with this tool. You’ll get a huge bang for the buck with this one. There are many more expensive tools on the market than this that don’t do half of what you can do with VWO.

Cost – $49 – $729 per month
A/B Test – Yes
Multivariate Test – Yes
Hosted – Yes
Webpage Creation Tools – Yes
Support – Yes

#2 – http://unbounce.com/ – Let me just say that personally, I love unbounce. Is it weird to love a software platform that helped you achieve a 62.5% optin rate using a split test? I think not. That’s a true story by the way. This system has a ton of landing page templates you can easily customize. It directly connect with aweber and other email providers giving you easy to see stats.

Cost – $29 – $999 per month
A/B Test – Yes
Multivariate Test – No
Hosted – Yes
Webpage Creation Tools – Yes
Support – Yes

#3 – Google Website Optimizer – Good ol’Google. Did you know that they have an optimization tool? You’d be surprised how often I hear no to that question. It’s a free to use tool that will get you on the road to testing like a champ. If you have little to no budget this is the place to start. The only downfall is that the system isn’t quite as user friendly as the others on this list.

Cost – Free
A/B Test – Yes
Multivariate Test – No
Hosted – Yes
Webpage Creation Tools – No
Support – It’s Google, what do you think? (that means no, not really)
**GWO will soon be integrated with Google Analytics

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Have any testing tools you like to use that are not on the list? Please share in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “3 Tools That WILL Make You More Money

  1. Hey Dustin great post. I had no idea about GWO and appreciate the heads-up as I am just starting to get to the point where its time for me to start simple A/B test for my campaigns. In others words, if I’m ever going to be successful, things such as split testing are going to be critical to my success. I’ve just been to darn afraid to study and implement testing.

    It’s kind of a tough call for those who a newer to the game. For me, I suffered form a bad case of information overload and have been afraid to dive into new things even though they will play an important role in my level of success.

    Anyway, I watch your videos and read your articles and I have learned quite a bit from you Dustin (WP SEO) and I really appreciate it man!


  2. Hey Dustin if you want to save some bucks check out a site called FusionHq the more i look at this thing the more I am impressed.
    The number of different tasks it will do all in one package is amazing.


  3. Thanks Dustin,
    Great insight on GWO, will have a look at it as split testing is essential for maximizing your ROI

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