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5 Awesome Way Thank You Pages Will Boost Conversion

Conversion, conversion, conversion!  The three C’s to any online marketing campaign.

Yes, do your happy dance or have a mental party, but don’t think your job is done – yet.   You are on a role.   Your page visitor is already strolling down that “yes” path, they are engaged, and seemingly loving your business.

Now is the prime time to take this proverbial bull by the horns and ride it all the way to the stall.

How, you ask.  A simple thank you page can do wonders to generate even more conversions.

Thank You Pages Not Only Used To Be Polite

Why the heck is a thank you page important anyway?  For many businesses, the thank you page seems to be at the very bottom of the priority barrel.  Conversion is not your end goal, it’s really just the beginning of your relationship with your visitor.

According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs as reported by Return on Behavior magazine, “The probability of selling to a new customer is 5-20 percent, while selling to an existing customer is 60-70 percent.”

Customize your thank you pages to your business (and your customer alike)  and take that opportunity to grab their attention before they leave.  Your thank you page is the perfect opportunity to cross-promote your products, tell visitors about promotions, or ask them for a social media share.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty and find those 5 ways to utilize the heck out of your thank you pages!

  1. First and foremost, make sure that your visitor gets what they came for.

Begin by covering the conventional purpose of the thank you page and say thank you!

It’s a good idea to include the title of the offer on the thank you page itself. This will reassure the visitor that they are on the correct page.  Then, if applicable, provide them the means to download, view your content, or print a receipt for their purchase (hard good sales).  This could take many forms, such as a PDF of the whitepages, a zip file for the ebook purchased, or even a video explaining what their “next steps” should be.  If the offer should happen to revolve around a consultation, be certain to set expectations and set forth when they should expect a phone call or something in their email.

  1. Cross promote related products

Perfect example of this would be Amazon.com.  They cross promote and show recommended products not only inside their shopping portal but also on the thank you page.

The customer has just made a purchase and is in a “yes” kind of mood.  By showing them additional products they might like, you can then lead them towards yet another purchase.

You don’t run an ecommerce site?  If visitors opt into an email campaign or download an ebook or software, you can then suggest other materials or resources that could be relevant to their previous purchase(s).

  1. Social media sharing

Yup, you too should hop on the social media bandwagon.  This are not only important to your landing pages, they are just as important (if not more) to include them on your thank you pages. Even with all the new changes with Facebook, social media is still a relevant avenue to market to your existing customer base.

A key tip, is to make sure that the links to your social networks open in a new tab or new window.  This gives the visitor a chance to read and otherwise consume their purchased content without closing out of the thank you page.

  1. Customize

Your thank you page should be genuine and sincere.  Ensure that your appreciations is a major feature on the page.  You may even add their name and make it more personalized.  Sound hard?  Not really.  There’s just a block of code you need to copy and paste into the “head” section of your page. Then, you’ll put a smaller block of code wherever you insert form data.

Still sound like too much to handle? It should be easy for your developer, then. Otherwise, here’s the code and instructions on how to do it.

By using the visitor’s name, your page is more likely to grab their attention and give her an even more positive outlook on your company’s goals.

  1.  Autoresponders

Finally in addition to redirecting to a fully optimized thank you page, you should set up an auto-response email that is automatically sent to the visitors who have filled out your lead/buyer form.  This is a tried and true strategy that serves as an additional way to follow up with your new leads and increase repeat conversions by suggesting another offer they might be interested in.

Remember that autoresponders are in addition to the thank you page.

  1. Ask for feedback

You have their attention, so why not utilize that to ask them about their overall experience thus far.  You can ask them to leave a comment about how you are doing or in what ways they believe the process could be improved.

Asking for feedback will allow you to spot issues that you very likely didn’t even know were an issue.  You will also get a non-biased perspective about how you are doing and what could be improved.

Feedback could be in the way of a short survey, since most people are more than willing to answer a few quick questions (multiple choice) about your business and their experience.  Remember to keep it short and simple so that visitors feel inclined to quickly fill it out.

A thank you page, could be, the last impression your visitors have of your business.  Don’t waste this golden opportunity to reinforce value, promote customer loyalty, and also build a lasting relationship.

How are you utilizing your thank you page to engage your visitors?

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  1. Conversions boost up profitability and create more customer engagement with a brand. The mentioned ways are really helpful to determine business growth which every marketer needs to apply on their trade. I strongly agreed with specific content what actually fulfills visitors demand. It is the first steps which satisfy any visitor and create more curiosity for digging more.

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