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Paid Traffic For The Win

The future of affiliate marketing and internet marketing in general is all about paid traffic. Forget SEO. Or at least forget aggressive SEO as the lifeblood traffic source it used to be.

Sure there are affiliates out there still doing well with SEO. But it’s more volatile now than ever. You don’t need me to tell you that. The Google updates have been shouted throughout email and social media for months now. Panda this, Penguin that. Oh and let’s not forget one of the more recent predictions (based on professional observation)

Wait for it…

seo is on a downard trend
seo is on a downward trend

The end of the anchor text link is near (or at least trending down in it’s effectiveness).

Yawn. Who cares? Haven’t you moved away from SEO traffic yet? Or at least begun to diversify?

I understand it can be difficult to make the transition. In another life I was known as the “SEO Guy” by students and clients alike. But when Google destroyed some of my income I had to get passed the “all that I know” mentality and move onto bigger and better things.

One of the hardest things to do in life is remove yourself from what you’re comfortable with and change. But I promise it’s possible.

There are so many advantages to paying for traffic (scalable, faster results, there’s more of it, and the list goes on). The truth is though that anyone that wants to learn affiliate marketing has to learn paid traffic. The SEO affiliate is dead (exclusively SEO that is).

Today’s affiliate and future affiliates are hybrids. They’re familiar with several forms of paid traffic, SEO, and have a penchant for split testing 😉

Here are a few recent blog posts I’ve written that will help you get on track

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Dig into that and start making a transition if you haven’t already.  You’ve got t0 know in your heart of hearts that it’s the right path.

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