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Affiliate Success Stories

A little inspiration can go a long way. That’s why today I’d like to share several affiliate success stories to get your motors running.

When I first started affiliate marketing in 2005 the “success stories” were mainly sales pages in disguise. It’s a different time and a different attitude now though. Bloggers all over the web share real stories from real affiliates all the time. Imagine that.

Here’s a collection of a few that I found inspiring.

#1 Another Successful Affiliate – How She Generated $33,972.10 in Under 60 Days

I’ve linked out to this story before. It’s worth linking to again it’s that good. Now keep in mind this affiliate had a bit of experience under her belt before she really pulled it all together. But that’s the key isn’t it – experience.

Take note of Ruck’s process for setting up hosting, analytics, and tracking. It’s great advice that often gets overlooked.

#2 From Failure To Success My Affiliate Marketing Jouney

This is a guest post via Johnchow.com and it’s a good one. Tyler Cruz writes a detailed description of his affiliate marketing education. It’s a great story of determination. Overcoming obstacles is critical to success and Tyler has shown that clearly here.

#3  Interview With 4 Month Affiliate Hazyl Lee

This is a short and sweet interview with a brand new affiliate. We’re talking almost as newbie as it gets. What I like about this story is that it’s not about making huge cash. Nope, instead it’s about achieving a small level of success that people often take for granted. No one wants to take baby steps in this business. Instead they want to sprint a marathon (which is impossible).

What’s even cooler is Hazyl (the affiliate) is from Malaysia. English isn’t her native language. What’s your excuse again? Oh, you decided to watch season 1 and 2 of the Walking dead on Netflix? Ok then.

#4 What It Takes To Go From $0 – $10K/Day

The title is exciting, there’s no doubt. This is a great interview that will show you how one affiliate grew his business to incredible heights. It didn’t happen overnight. Don’t forget that.  The advice on traffic sources and niches was really valuable here. While it may not be super flashy – this is solid advice.

With That Said

I enjoyed each of these stories for different reasons. They all have gold nuggets to share. Let me know which story you liked the most. Did you learning anything new? Hit that comments below.

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