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Niche Spotlight – Real Estate Investing

Has there ever been a more successful business opportunity than real estate investing? Direct marketers have been making fortunes off of this niche for years and years. The hay days may be over but the topic still seems to be on people’s minds.

In fact the interest level is surprisingly similar to stock investment these days.

Here are a few offers from the vault that fit the niche. They will appeal to different demographics within the niche giving you a chance to test.

#1 Michael Kimble Real Estate

Advertiser: http://offer.reiwholesale.com/main.php
Network: Offer Alliance
Lead ($) : 55.00
OfferVault Listing – http://www.offervault.com/affiliate-offers/details/offerId/465109/michael-kimble-real-estate/


#2 Capitol Investment Group

Advertiser: http://www.capitolinvestmentproperties.com/
Network: Dandingo
Lead ($) : 25.00
OfferVault Listing – http://www.offervault.com/affiliate-offers/details/offerId/449287/cig-real-estate-investor/

rei landing page


#3 Ultra Foreclosures

Advertiser: http://ultraforeclosures.us/
Network: Envyus Media
Lead ($) : 25.00
OfferVault Listing – http://www.offervault.com/affiliate-offers/details/offerId/417632/real-estate-ultraforeclosuresus-home-foreclosures-us/



Sample Demographic Data

creonline demographics
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2 thoughts on “Niche Spotlight – Real Estate Investing

  1. Property investing dates back many, many years ago and still to my way of thinking can be profitable. It is a very interesting topic to many people.

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