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Website Monetization for Publishers: Techniques for the Rest of 2019

The number of adblocking programs being downloaded is constantly growing at an exponential rate. Users are happy, as there’s almost nothing distracting them from their surfing, but publishers are not for obvious reasons.

This article will be extremely helpful to those who suffer from adblocking software and would like to use some other simple, but effective means to attract audiences to your resources.

What we can take away from 2018:

Before we discuss new trends, let’s review what we noticed last year.

  • Facebook encourages to monetize your website with on-demand videos (VOD). The tendency itself is obviously not new, as videos are getting more and more popular in the form of ads.
  • Work on content. Many publishers with real quality content have decided to offer free content for an initial period of time. It may help websites to succeed in the near future, but will not work for app publishers, as they’re mostly free by themselves. Use freemium or partially paid content – the users are ready to put the money on the table if they like what you do. Try an advertising platform for publishers, Adsmediabrokers.com, to monetization your website.
  • New look at paywalls. A long time ago the website owners used to only release their content for money. It won’t work anymore with so many resources of free information. The solution here is partially monetary: give free access to your information for a limited time, then a user should see a notification that in some hours or minutes, it will require them to pay to continue reading.

What to use in 2019:

  • Affiliate marketing. The tendency started in 2018 and will be very important the rest of this year. The process for publishers is very quick. They can start earning the same day of launching a campaign.
  • Impact from marketing. Twitter and similar resources will do a lot for brands, as people are more eager to buy something if a famous person is recommending it.
  • Think about voice. In 2020, it’s expected that nearly half of all requests from smartphones will be made in a non-text mode.
  • Native ads in combination with RTB. What’s really good in natives – users are very loyal to them, as such ads don’t distract them from surfing the Internet. Technical software will help advertisers to track and find out who their audiences are.


One might get lost in all these trends and ideas, especially if you’ve studied alternative methods. But this is even better, as you can try and implement as many variations as you’ll need to play with the conversions, audience, engagement and other factors, so that finally you can reach your goals.

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