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5 Reasons Your Business Needs A New Facebook Cover Design [Infographic]

Source: 99Designs.com


Realize the Importance of a Customized Facebook Infographic for Your Small-to-Medium Business: Refresh your SMB’s Facebook cover image

If you have not recently rejuvenated your SMB’s cover image, you are lulling the potential in your business’ performance. Increase your SMB’s bottom line performance by increasing your Facebook likes. According to Inside Facebook’s Justin Lafferty, in Infographic: 3 reasons why SMBs need a custom Facebook cover photo (October 8, 2104), 82 percent of SMB owners experienced a swell in Facebook likes after recreating their cover image. The research data below has emphasizes the importance of a Facebook infographic facelift in order for you to reach optimal marketing potential via social media.

Increase your engagement with potential customers via Facebook in 3 practical steps.

  1. Study your Facebook page and absorb its space potential.

In order to give your Facebook page a distinctive and precise look, upload the optimum image size – 1702 x 630 pixels at 72 dpi – this will give you a cover consisting of 851 x 315 pixels. The prime upload size for you SMB’s profile picture is 180 x 180 pixels appearing as 160 x 160 pixels – use RGB color mode – not CMYK. Remember, within a few seconds, your cover must emphasize the image and not text while keeping the graphics smooth, uncomplicated, and engaging by capturing a prospective customer’s attention. Take care to ensure that important text or visuals are not hidden by your profile picture which will hide the lower left corner of your cover image – the cover and profile images should be designed to interact with one another.

  1. Keep your mantra consistent.

Wisely and strategically choose your Facebook cover image in order to allow your brand’s mantra to promote itself consistently over time. This will allow you to design bridging slogans which will increase your brand’s prominence and recognition. The goal for your cover image is to be straightforward and clearly identify your SMB, what products/services your SMB provides, and how your SMB outperforms its competitors.

  1. Don’t let your SMB’s cover image stagnate.

Customers who rely on social media to seek out products and services want to see something new, fresh, and trending. A stagnated, old cover image is indicative that you are not in top form in keeping abreast of your marketplace. Keep your cover image current to highlight new product features and upgraded services in order to reconnect with repeat customers as well as gaining the attraction of new consumers.

More than 651 million potential customers for your SMB use Facebook every day, multiple times per day. Now that you are armed with the statistics, facts, knowledge and insight to effectuate your Facebook page, tap into more customers for your SMB by rejuvenating your cover image with a customized Facebook infographic.

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