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How To Find Micro Niches

You’ve been lied to. It happens all of the time in the affiliate marketing industry.

The gurus or the guys teaching will often tell you to “go where the money is.” That’s very true, good advice.  It’s just not complete. It oh-so-often translates into newbie affiliates (and even some experienced) hopping into extremely competitive markets like “dating” and “weight loss.”

In fact – most of the affiliates I know of are in one or two of those markets.

Some of them succeed, most do not.

Advertising on a broad “market” level is just too complex, too expensive, too untargeted, etc. That’s why you’ll also hear the advice doled out that says to “go niche.” This is better. But to be truly successful you need to go deeper.

Some call it “micro niche.”

What does that mean? Well let’s take a look at real life examples. To do that we’re going to take a trip over to www.ezinearticles.com

On the home page you’ll see all of the top level categories or markets you could call them. Here’s what that looks like.

When I click on Health & Fitness that brings me to that category page. On that page on the right hand side of the screen you’ll see links to all of the “niches” within that market. Here’s what that looks like.


When you login to Offervault.com you’ll find a lot of offers that directly apply to these high level “niches.” You’ll see anti aging offers, back pain offers, etc. But if you’ve been paying attention at all you know – we’ve got to go deeper.

So let’s click on Arthritis. Here’s what I see:


Now we’re talking. This is where we’ll find our micro niche ideas. Just take a look at the first article title “Joint Pain During Pregnancy: Its Causes and Possible Treatments”

Now that’s a micro niche – joint pain during pregnancy.

This is what some affiliates are doing to see breakout success. They’re not just doing niche marketing. They’re doing micro niche marketing. How many different ways can you sell that join supplement offer you just found in Offervault (just made that up – not sure if there are any joint supp offers)

Think about it.

As someone who’s had 2 knee surgeries in the last 9 months I can tell you I’m a potential customer for joint supplementation. Postoperative joint supplementation. Bam there’s another micro niche.

All it takes is a little bit of creativity and a little bit of research.

3 thoughts on “How To Find Micro Niches

  1. Great info! Micro niches, of course don’t have the same traffic volume but it does make it easier to rank for and get very cheap traffic to. It is far easier to make money with 7,000 searches/month with easy rankings/cheap paid traffic than it is competing in a 500,000 search where the competition id fierce.

  2. Very true. Though they’re small they often prove to have very responsive leads. I’d rather build a list of 500 responsive optins than 50,000 tire kickers.

  3. This strategy is very good since being less competition, the keywords will be easier to position in the search engines and you will have a very specific audience to the product you want to promote or sell.

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