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980k in 18 Months – The Entire Business Model is Yours

Yes, that’s a very hype driven title. But it got your attention, didn’t it?

Oh and the kicker is – that business built a list of 100K + subscribers within that same time frame.

Want to know more? Yeah… I thought so

Well it’s a lot like what Gary Vaynerchuck has been saying for years now. It’s all about customer service. Everyone is in the customer service business.

Even if you’re an affiliate you’re in the customer service business (think providing massive value in exchange for commissions). In today’s rapidly changing online environment the fast cash opportunities are rapidly disappearing (especially in the SEO world).

If you’re not serving your niche, you’re not in business.

Today to be relevant you’ve got to bring value. You’ve got to connect with your audience and deliver the content they’re looking for. Does this mean you’ve got to create 100% unique content 100% of the time? No, absolutely not. What it does mean is that you need to understand your audience, not just your market. There’s a difference.

When you’ve found your audience become their “go to resource” in whatever niche you serve. Become their favorite stop for “all things amazing” about blue widgets. Become their connection to the foremost “experts” in that niche.

Combine that level of connection with a few bare-bones marketing tactics and you’ve got a million dollar business on your hands.

Ok, I’m going to step back and let Vishen Lakhiani outline this model for you. It’s 15 minutes long and 100% worth your time.

So what do you think? Makes sense and it’s fairly straight forward, don’t you think? Let me know what your opinion is in the comments below.


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2 thoughts on “980k in 18 Months – The Entire Business Model is Yours

  1. the title actually caught my attention for real. You see, making money online now has been termed to the number of addicted and loyal subscribers you have.


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