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How to increase traffic the right way

If  you are reading this, you are most likely someone that has a web presence.  Someone that has a business online that is in constant need of traffic.  From a local company, a blogger, aspiring actress/singer on YouTube, fitness wannabe guru on Instagram, or that guy that sells random nicknacs from china on ebay for 2 bucks a pop.

The recurring question for all of us, internet business owners, is that we need traffic.  “How do I get more of it?”  If you have done even a tiny bit of snooping around to find the answer to this question you already know that the majority of all GOOD traffic sources come with a pretty hefty price tag.    Meaning that for all the little people it just isn’t likely to happen.  Not today anyway.

Although we are in luck, because with a little know-how and some networking there are ways that aren’t gonna break your dwindling piggy bank.

1.  SEO- Optimize the sources of traffic that you already have….like….google!  organically raising your ranking in search engines will obviously get you places.  Look at using keywords, negative keywords, and good content, and you will see this traffic increase and your rankings on google go up.  You cannot trick google, however, they do recognize and reward good content! 

2. Your content needs to suck less.  Make sure your youtube, website, store, blog, or whatever else has relevant content.  Do not make the mistake of your content not matching your SEO.  If you are driving a certain demographic to your site, but you are providing content that is not accurate to the audience you are bringing, then you will have traffic problems.  If you are doing a backpacking and outdoors review site, then don’t start trying to sling radiator hoses on your homepage.  Also, post fun and enjoyable content, that is original to you.  Don’t start copying the exact same topics that Colion Noir is posting videos about if you want to get views on gun rights arguments.  People can already go to his site and get that.  They don’t need yours. 

3. Get on the ball on social media.  Create an environment where you will have a group of people frequent it and enjoy spending time there.  This will give you a bit of loyalty to your audience.  Post links to your page, of course, and those that are genuine about their interest in your page will head right over.  Also, as Facebook is probably smarter than any single person on the planet, and puts sites in front of people that may have interest, you will be able to reach your target audience that may not have heard of you yet!  Install widgets on your site that can direct people to your social network pages, and can see what people have to say about your site or product.

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