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Earn More with AdMaven’s Push Notifications

AdMaven’s mission is to generate for our customers as much value as we can. We do it by providing you the best traffic. We do it by giving you the best support. We do it by giving you the best advice. We do it by helping you to make the best choices.

Our Traffic:

Experienced advertisers already know that 90% of the traffic they buy passes from hand to hand, from countless ad exchanges until it reaches their offer. AdMaven has established itself as the biggest ad network specializing in traffic that is being bought from direct sites. We work with over 15,000 direct websites, assuring you that the traffic you are buying is direct and exclusive to us.

Our Specialty:

The way we can generate our customers more value is by offering them the best and most advanced advertising methods. AdMaven specialize in Push Notifications which is currently the hottest trend in the online advertising industry.

To better understand this format, you first need to understand the difference between Pull and Push advertising: 

Pull Advertising – To understand Pull advertising think of a situation when someone searches for a plumber on the Yellow pages and when he reaches the letter “P” the first thing he sees is an ad for a specific plumber. Pull advertising main concept is attracting users who have already shown interest in your product and pulling them to your brand. 

Push Advertising – Think of push advertising as a person handing out flyers on the street for a new restaurant. In this advertising method, the main concept is taking the product to the customer, instead of waiting for the customer to come to you.

Our Advice:

Now that we established what are Push Notifications and how they work, we wanted to share with you some advice on how to get the best value for your money once you start your first Push campaign with AdMaven:

  1.  Need first, Brand second

In contrary to Pull advertising, in Push advertising you cannot just promote your brand right away. Before you can advertise your brand’s product, you must first create a need for such a product. For instance, you will not send a Push Notification saying “Choose OURWATERCOMPANY, the best water purifier company”. You first need to get the consumer to want to start using this kind of product. Try a headline saying, “Tap water is bad for your health, start using a water purifier”. thus creating in his mind, the need for such a product. After he clicks on the ad you can elaborate on your brand and say “OURWATERCOMPANY was chosen as the best water purifying company in 2018”.

2.  Attention

With Pull advertising, the consumer is already searching for your product and he is more attentive to details. Therefore, he will read all your text, even if it’s longer than average or even a boring text. 

With Push Notifications, since the user is not looking for anything at the moment and just casually using his computer, in order to get his attention you have to be more creative. Put a tantalizing image that would excite the user alongside a text that would make him eager to click your ad.

3.  Trial and Error

Optimization is key. Many advertisers that start a new campaign, upload a creative they like and just go live right away. Our advice is, start big. when you start a new campaign, try at least 20 different creatives, even some which you think will not convert very well. Different people like different things and even though one may click on a specific creative, sometimes you find out that your target audience has a completely different way of thinking and you need to optimize your campaign according to them. 

4.  Divide & Focus

Many advertisers in the industry are satisfied with their campaigns. They check every once in a while that their ROI is positive and as long as it stays that way they don’t make any changes. This is a big no no of course. Your campaign is doing fine now, but we think that fine is not enough for our advertisers. Our advice is, start to dig in. Step by step. Identify the different geo’s where you are losing money. Identify the different audiences who are losing you money. Dividing your campaign to “good” and “bad” smaller campaigns is the safest way to ensure you focus on each part individually. That way you can preserve the good parts and fix or stop (if necessary) the bad parts. As a result, the the ROI on your campaigns will grow exponentially. 

One extra tip (on the house) – Emojis:

As the headline says, a very simple yet unused tip. People love emojis, they use it all the time in texts when they talk to their friends and as a result, it feels more personal to them. We see a substantial increase in clicks when our advertisers add even one emoji to their Push campaigns, whether it’s just a smiley face or something more fitted to a specific campaign. You have this option, use it, it will only improve your conversions.

Sign-up in the link below to start your first Push campaign or contact us in advertisers@ad-maven.com for any question you might have – Our support team is always available for you.

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