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6-Point Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

So much is written about marketing and sales, it’s hard to keep it all straight. Wouldn’t it be great to have a clear, uncluttered, organized infographic that graphically summarizes all the core elements of a successful marketing strategy?

Here it is. The six components follow one from the other in an easily readable infographic from Impact Branding and Design. 

After asking the big questions about customers, challenges, and ROI, the graphic lists the key functions of any powerful website.

But it’s the next three sections that help the most. How do we generate more traffic? Blogging, social media, and SEO, as well as PPC ads are the top four ways. Know the stats associated with these sectors, and keep your marketing team on course.

When converting traffic to leads and sales, the graphic gives helpful questions to guide your efforts. What level of buyers are you reaching? What are they thinking? What offers and strategies appeal to these types of buyers?

And then, when you hear “measure everything,” what does that mean? The infographic concludes with 24 different sectors you can measure and work on improving. View the full infographic, and share it with your team.


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