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Modern marketing with the modern marketer [Infographic]

Marketing is a rapidly transforming profession. Now more than ever, Marketers have to be proficient in and knowledgeable about a wide array of topics and skills. They have to speak all languages – part artist, part scientist.

On the creative side, marketers must understand and be able to produce engaging written and visual content, and have the media skills to apply them to emails, Facebook pages, and more as the world of social media is constantly expanding.

On the research side, marketers must also have their head in the numbers game. Using analytics software and performance tracking are now part of digital marketing 101. Using tracking software and understanding budgetary concerns are now part of most marketers’ lives, especially in this fast-paced, tech-heavy and start-up centric 21st century.

The modern marketer must be a jack-of-all-trades and be able combine creative, social, analytical and organization skills. Check out this infographic from  Christian K Online to see if your marketing team captures all the elements necessary for successful marketing for 2014 and beyond.



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