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Marketing Opportunities For Award Show Content [Infographic]

With all the award shows hitting the airways in the near future, Yahoo examined the blooming trends surrounding online content related to the shows.

Yahoo is dishing out the following advice for marketers looking to take advantage of these red carpet occasions:

Engage fans before, during and after: Fans are scoping out the nominations, messaging friends about favorite performances and winners and checking out red-carpet fashions:

  • Nearly two-thirds of fans go online before the show to discover the nominations.
  • 55 percent of Hollywood fans message friends while the show is going on via an application.
  • 44 percent use mobile to watch videos during an awards show.
  • Post show: Nearly three-quarters of respondents scout photo galleries and watch videos of key moments from the shows.

In-the-know, connected and fashionable: Not just ways to describe Hollywood idols, entertainment fans used these words to describe brands that advertise within awards show content, and 60 percent have a favorable view of these online ads, as well.

Beyond the silver screen: Online is the preferred source for entertainment content, with one in three fans consuming red-carpet content online weekly. Additionally, three in five awards show fans are open to online advertising on any device.

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