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Are You Leveraging Your Most Important Marketing Asset?

Affiliate marketing is all about communicating with your audience through the most effective channels. With so many ways to reach your audience, it’s apparent that you need one common space for your audience for your audience to learn about you.

This is where your website comes in to play. Your website is your most important marketing asset, allowing you to remain visible and valuable to your on- and offline connections. Although there are many ways to reach your target audience, through social media, microblogging, as well as email, PPC and video marketing, your website still reigns supreme.

Your website is a gold mine of opportunity to make money, grow your business, and build relationships with others in the affiliate marketing industry as well as with your target audience.

How to Leverage the Power of Your Website

Build a Contact List

Your audience isn’t going to opt-in to your services for the simple fact that you offer them an incentive to do so. People opt-in to your email lists, RSS feeds and other connection methods because they want to learn from you and they think you’re worth following.

Post a mix of unique and valuable content for your audience to find and look to you as a thought leader in your niche. Users like to see written content as well as video, audio, and images, so give your users give your users content diversity.

Your opt in subscribers are generally higher quality followers who stick around a lot longer and spread positive word of mouth about what you have to offer – whether it’s your content, products or services. They tend to become your brand ambassadors, so to speak.

Social Media Integration

Chances are you maintain more than one social media account, and if you don’t, you need to. Failing to utilize social media integration means you’re missing a huge opportunity to share your content and attract new consumers to your website.

People share what they find interesting or useful. If you offer your target audience useful information they will share your content to their followers, and the cycle goes on. Thus, increasing your online presence and the number of consumers exposed to your content, leading them directly back to your website, where they can learn more about what else you have to offer.

Offer Value on Your Blog

Maintaining a blog on your website is one of the best ways to capture a larger audience by offering them exclusive, valuable content. Connecting your blogging efforts with social media sharing is becoming the fastest and most successful way to build a powerful and trusted foundation of customers.

Your blog posts stretch the far reaches of the online atmosphere, driving connections from social media and online search back to your site, building trust as a thought leader to attract new readers and encourage them to opt in to your exclusive network.

SEO Power

Content creation and SEO go hand in hand, as SEO increases exposure to your content and website in search engines. Producing fresh, timely and unique content will help boost your visibility in search engines and ensure that your site will be crawled by search engines and shared by other viewers.

Using Your Site to Build Relationships

One of the most important aspects of business is your ability to form relationships with customers, clients, and partners. You can build relationships with your target audience by offering free tips and insight to increase their trust in you, allowing you to establish yourself as a thought leader.

As your audience expands, you will learn more about their wants and needs and find out how to offer your business as the ideal solution.

Super Charge Your Website

You only have about eight seconds to capture a viewer on your website. Make those eight seconds count by effectively directing visitors to the information they are searching for. With a crisp layout, organized sitemap, and clear direction visitors are sure to stick around.

Use your website to leverage its power as your number one marketing asset by using it to build your contact list, welcome social media visitors, engage and offer insight through your blog, maximize SEO benefit and build relationships with consumers.


This Article brought to you by: Jessica Negri – Blue Global Media

Jessica Negri works as a Copywriter at CPA Network Blue Global Media. As part of the Blue Global Media team, Jessica helps to enhance the company’s in-house campaign optimization efforts through creating quality content.


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