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The Ultimate Hashtag Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

Hashtag.. what the heck is that?  Looks like a pound sign to me!   But if you are in the social media genre at all you should know that the hashtags is a lot like a clickable magnet that draws those eyeballs right to your content.

But be fair warned, too many of a good thing can turn ugly quickly.  There are of course exceptions to this rule – one of them being Instagram where it seems the more the merrier.  Eleven hashtags per post on the photo sharing social media platform seems to currently be the magic number.  However, wait a minute and that might change.

Sound like a lot to take in and remember?  It can be.  But the folks over at Entrepreneur have laid it all out for you in this nifty infographic that will get your hashtagging like a pro.



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