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Facebook Blueprint

Scratch Facebook’s back and it will scratch yours back, or vice versa.

In other words, when it’s advertisers are doing well and profiting then so is Facebook. So to insure that it’s advertisers continued to do well the social media giant rolled out its new free educational resources just two weeks ago.

According to The Next Web, “First up, ‘Blueprint‘ is a new program for training brands on the best practices for advertising and marketing campaigns.”

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It’s said not to just be a simple web based  information hub but it combines online courses with real time in-person training giving the user a “master” Facebook marketing certification.

The Next Web goes on to report, ”

The courses are organized by category or otherwise cater to specific roles. You can also choose from full-on “tracks” you’d like to follow if you’re looking to learn a specific collection of skills. There are currently over 35 courses; some examples include Facebook Terminology, Direct Response Marketing and A/B Testing. The program will keep track of your progress and results.”

How will you use Facebook’s new business training?


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