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Online Jewelers Jump On the Same-Sex Marketing Wagon

Online jewelers were among the retailers riding the social media trends that have followed the Supreme Court ruling legalizing same sex marriage in all 50 states.

Tiffany & Co, Blue Nile, James Allen and Gemvara started to use the trending #lovewins hastag on posts they distributed across various social media platforms.  Tiffany & Co posted on Facebook a photo of two men with the message “Long Live Love.”  It has a whopping 11,444 likes and 647 shares, as of the time of writing.


James Allen Jewelers posted on Friday, “James Allen is proud to support love and equality,” with a photo highlighting a wedding band on a male’s hand embracing another male.


Gemvara.com, posted the message “Hooray for ‪#‎MarriageEquality and the freedom to show your love in every color of the rainbow.” While Blue Nile, posted the message “Made for each other,” with a photo of three ring sets. One labeled “Her & Her,” a second labeled “Him & Her,” and a third labeled “Him & Him.”

The messages all generated a varied number of likes and shares, with comments both for and against the ruling.

Regardless of your opinion or take on the ruling, what is  your opinion in regards to retailers either exuberantly supporting the cause for personal reasons or simply riding the tails of a news piece?


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