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5 Most Effective Ways to Use Snapchat For Your Business

With over a 100 million active users and nearly 500 million snaps being taken every day this simple photo and video sharing app can’t be ignored as an effective and useful marketing tool.  True, the app has come a long way since it’s conception back in 2011, by opening the door to marketers who are seeking a creative way to reach their audience.

Because the photos and videos that are shared basically self destruct after a few seconds, it can be difficult to see the benefits for using this popular social networking app to connect with a buyer persona.  This simply means that marketers need to strategize ahead of time in order to make the most out of every single second they get on the app.

First Step – Strategize

  • Understand  your audience – Embrace the overall casual flavor of the app.  Settle on a tone that works for you and your product.  Make certain that it is easy to understand.
  • Embrace the time limit – Don’t view the self destructive nature as a hurdle, but more of an opportunity.  Use them as teasers for upcoming products, promotions, or even contests.
  • Don’t skip the video – Because of its casual nature, Snapchat videos don’t need to be high production pieces.  Get your message out there, quick, simple, and easily.

What ways your business should snap

Now that you have your plan in place it’s time to actually put the wheels in motion.  Here a a few ways that you can use Snapchat in your marketing strategies.

  1. Showcase new products

Take Taco Bell for example.  In a recent Adweek article, a spokesman stated that Taco Bell has an 80% open rate on all snaps that they send which is well beyond that of any other marketing method.

Why are they successful?  Because they speak in a language that is easy to understand by the main audience using the app, millennials and teens from 16-35 years of age.


  1.  Send out sneak peaks and exclusive promotions

Snap the heck out of that new line of diet pills you are promoting and maybe include a random coupon or discount on a select few of them.  You could also ask  your audience to send a snap back while using your product and they could win a special promotion to upgrade their account or a discount towards their next purchase.

Because Snapchat doesn’t allow users to send snaps back to others that haven’t added you in return, you are therefore dealing with a more engaged user base than if they were just reading a random tweet or Facebook post they happen to come across.

  1.  Provide exclusive private content features

Give your Snapchat audience exclusive looks or access to special content that other social media audiences won’t find on the other platforms. They will feel like they are being given special treatment and thus feel obligated to stay loyal to your brand.

  1.  Promote live events

Because of Snapchats here and now nature, it’s perfect to promote and even document live events – such as a webinar, launch, or networking function.  This is an excellent way to get your audience hyped up and excited about your product as well as keeping them involved and engaged.

  1.  Provide video answers to customer service issues

We all know that video is where it’s at.  So why not use Snapchat to leverage that to help with your smaller customer service issues.  You know the ones that are best shown rather than typed out in a lengthy email.  This not only shows that you are on top of your game with service issues, but it gives them yet another way to interact with your on the casual Snapchat platform – hopefully keeping the subject light and drama free.

Are you using Snapchat for your business yet? If so, in what ways are working best for you?  We would love to hear all about it in the comments below!  
Until then – get to snapping! 

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