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Prince Couldn’t Rule Social For A Kings Ransom…

The musical artist Prince has joined Instagram last week.  He dubbed his account the “Princetagram.”

While Prince is a renowned and innovative singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor, and a major figure in popular music for over three decades that does not mean he has any talent when it comes to social media.

Many well known celebrities use social media avenues to promote their music, tours, film careers or just to share information that might be relevant to their fans.   And there are also more than a few celebrities that have accrued a large following.  Large enough that brands pay them for their endorsements via their social networking accounts.

It is safe to say though that Prince probably will not be one of those celebrities.

Just as with some businesses, there are some celebrities that should leave the social media networking to the trained professionals – or at least those with some know-how in the area. Prince is one of those people.

The “Purple Rain” singer launched his account only four days ago, and as of Monday afternoon had already posted 88 times. That’s one post every 1.091 hours, in case you were wondering.

He has more than 119 thousand followers and has posted photos ranging from throwback pics to performance photos.  He even declared himself a Gladiator in one “Scandal” inspired picture.

And in perfect Prince fashion he follows no one.

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