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3 Video Platforms to Boost Your Livestreaming Game

These days it’s down right impossible to turn a blind eye at just how powerful video (especially livestreaming) is to your business. Or can be if harnessed correctly.

Livestreaming apps seem to be taking over social media conversations. With new avenues such as Periscope, Blab, and Facebook Live Video it should be awfully tempting to jump right in – head first – into the video livestreaming ocean. But which ones should you choose?


Periscope, the live streaming video mobile app purchased by Twitter in February of 2015, has been the talk of the town since its official launch on March 26, 2015 and it’s hotter than a Arizona tar road in July.  

Sure, it can be intimidating to some that are new to the platform. It’s unlike traditional video, in which you aren’t able to film then edit out any of your flub-ups.

Unless you save a Periscope’s stream they are somewhat temporary and will disappear after only 24 hours.  However, if you turn on the “autosave broadcasts,” in the app settings the media files will then be saved locally to your mobile device. From there the video can then be published and shared online just like any other video.

There are many ways you can use Periscope for business from insider videos to live Q&A sessions and beyond. Periscope is also a great tool to use to show off your skills, especially if you’re a speaker.

Facebook Livestreaming

Facebook originally introduced Live back in August of 2015 to only an elite group of users for two primary reasons: to control the demand on the bandwidth and to hopefully set a higher standard for the videos streamed so there’s less “noise” in the news feed.

In the past few months you have probably noticed a new icon in your posting area of Facebook. With a simple click of this icon you can now stream live to your Facebook page. You can either live stream to everyone on your page or a select group.

Benefits of Facebook Livestreaming:

  • As you are streaming, you see how many people are watching the video, as well as their names and comments.
  • As soon as it’s over, the video is automatically saved to your timeline.
  • From there you can share it, tweet it, embed it in blog posts, or delete it.


Blab has been dubbed the foursquare of video, since it centers around the check-ins just like Foursquare. Blab’s mobile app allows you to log in and view other Blabs or create one of your own. Unlike Periscope and Facebook Livestreaming it doesn’t require you to piggyback off of any one certain social networking platform.

Blab also allows you to schedule your broadcasts to happen up to a month in advance.  This is great for those marketers who are big in the launch scene. Since it will add to the excitement of the broadcast.

So, I bet you are asking… Just how do I integrate live video into my current marketing efforts?  Easy!  

  • Product Launches
  • Behind the scenes of your company
  • Customer Support
  • FAQ’s
  • Events
  • Promos and/or Giveaways

Get out there and broadcast yourself and your company! Tell us all about it in the comments below. 


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