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5 Reasons Why Effective Content Writing is Crucial for your Blog’s Growth

A website with a blog is ahead in many ways as compared to a website without a blog. Researches prove that the sites with blogs are 434% ahead in indexing. A page is optimized well when there are loads of contents to search and index. Plenty of information appeal to search engines.

Contents are the bloodline of a blog. They will dictate if your blog will eventually lead to success. Marketers who give importance to content writing have 13 times more chances of achieving progressive return of investments. The importance of the information you convey cannot be overlooked. Below are five reasons why you should give importance to contents:

  1. Well- written contents will eventually generate sales

Fifty-one percent of businessmen say that content generation is crucial to lead a prospect on his journey from being a reader towards becoming a buyer. Well planned articles should make a buyer be compelled to buy. It is not however recommended to be pushy or sales pitchy. A reader will often leave at the first sign of being pushed to buy.

Helpful or entertaining information should first be provided. Sales should be very subtle, just make readers know what services or goods you are providing so that they will buy when they are ready. There should be a gradual but sure progress of turning a reader into a client.

  1. Great contents will be shared more

94% of readers share what they see on the web because they feel like it will be useful for others. Writing contents which are useful must be kept in mind to increase its probability of being shared.

It is also equally important to create an appealing title for it to generate clicks. Readers will never find out about your great blog if the headlines are not compelling. Co-schedule headline analyzer will help you out in generating a title which will compel a web browser to check out your article.

Contents which appeal to the narcissistic side of readers tend to get shared more. Create contents which are appealing to one’s ego; quizzes is one effective example for this. Readers also love lists and infographics. The trust worthiness of the site is another thing readers consider when they share a content.

  1. Impressive contents will make a reader come back for more

If readers like what they see, they will stay and subscribe. The quality of an article also comprises of its grammar, spelling and structure. You cannot get plenty done when your focus is divided into every aspect of the article. Essaydot and AftertheDeadline are your partners in fixing your blogs. The sites will do the editing for you so that you can concentrate on other things.

Spending no time on checking your article will allow you to write more articles. If readers love your blog, it is important to give them something new every day. Make sure the articles are consistently impressive so that they will keep returning.

  1. Reliable contents build a good online reputation

Blogs which continually provide factual information develops a remarkable reputation across the web. Reliable articles build trust among readers so they will always look up to your blog when they need information you have to offer. Trusting your site also means they are confident to refer you to their acquaintances.

Moreover, reliability is also affected by how polished, error free and professionally written the blogs are. Typos can be an instant turn off for some readers. Be sure you have them edited before publishing. Creating a bio at the end of your article is another way to make your site look trustworthy.

  1. Remarkable Contents are Social Media Superstars

Amusing, timely and useful contents can spread like wildfire in social media. Social media is the number one activity across the web today. Successful bloggers capitalize on this capacity of social media to get their message across.

Researches show that the length of an article has bearing on its capacity to get shared. Longer contents tend to be shared more. Posts should elicit emotions from the readers. They should feel entertained or amused. Get away from posts which cause readers to be upset or angry because these types of contents are least likely to be shared.

Poorly written contents will not serve the purpose of your blog. It would be better to have no blog at all rather than having crap articles which may actually be detrimental to your brand’s reputation. It will just be a waste of your resources.

Content writing needs exertion for it to have an effect on your ranking. It requires creativity, resilience and help from tools which improves articles. Consistency is the key to achieve the results you want. Give readers something to talk about. When creating online contents, make sure to inspire your readers, give them what they need and compel them to take action.

Original Article Written by: Alicia Honeycutt


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