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Snapchat Analytics Solution from Snaplytics

That headline is enough to get even the best of us tongue tied.

A Danish startup, Snaplytics, is now offering pretty much the only analytics service for Snapchat’s disappearing videos and photos that it says is “the only software-as-a-service analytics [exclusively] for Snapchat.”

The company employs its own proprietary system to monitor activity on public, one-to-many communications, avoiding any Snapchat APIs, which have a problematic history. Snapchat photos and videos are deleted shortly after viewing or posting.

The service which has been in beta for about a year now,  has been testing  with about 200 brands and agencies in 30 companies, including Ben & Jerry’s, Vodafone and the city of Las Vegas.

Its dashboard offers all need-to-know metrics such as open rates, views, average number of screen shots taken for each Snapchat story, number of followers for each company, completion rate, open rate and information on how followers learned about a particular Snapchat account.

Snapchat recently changed its name to Snap, in a subtle yet telling move to redefine its direction and place itself in the social media realm. Now, Snap is starting to expand its empire in even newer, bolder directions, starting with the release of Spectacles next year, which will enable users to take images and video with real-world glasses.

What do you think 2017 will hold for Snapchat and it’s users?  We would love to hear from you in the comments below. 

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