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Women Make up 80% of Pinterest Users [Infographic]

Pinterest has become a powerful platform for brands where they can accelerate their content generation and scale their communities with the assistance of amplified social content. Since Pinterest is a visual network that is highly search focused it attracts many different types of customers who eventually want to try to build the products they see themselves or buy them. Brands specifically in beauty, food, home décor and fashion have a great opportunity to use Pinterest for visual storytelling as a strategy to attract new customers.

A new infographic created by Pinbooster shows just how promising Pinterest can be as an influencer for brands. The infographic provides compelling numbers on women, who make up the majority of the demographics at Pinterest as they account for roughly 80% of all Pinterest users. Even the largest brands are using Pinterest to appeal to their target markets. It is estimated that 41% of all eCommerce sharing comes from Pinterest which leads to real purchases.



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